Responsible and skilled team
Posted on 11-Mar-2024
Overall Rating:
I drove my tesla Model 3 highland for full front ppf and solar film installation this morning at 9am and the car is ready by 6pm. Within this short duration, quality of work is not compromised and I was receiving updates of the car throughout the day. Goh is very knowledgeable and sincere in getting the best result for my car. He patiently explained every details and ensured that the products and workmanship are at tip-top condition. It was so reassuring to leave my car there knowing that it is the hand of a responsible and skilled team. Everyone there treat the car and owner with respect and I will definitely recommend anyone to drop by Brand Magnus Pro Singapore(417800). Look for Goh and I am sure he would be more than willingly to answer any of your enquires! - Ong Jun Ren, Owner of Tesla Model 3 SNP75--J
Posted on 22-Sep-2023
Overall Rating:
Full car matte PPF. Mr Goh and his team know their stuff. This was my first PPF and whilst I had done as much research as possible online in terms of the different products out there, perhaps what matters more is the experience of the workforce and quality of the workmanship. Mr Goh talked me through the entire process and importantly informed me BOTH of what was possible and was not possible. The end product speaks for itself. The car looks fantastic.
Attention to Detail
Posted on 11-Sep-2023
Overall Rating:
Outstanding Three-Year Journey with GK Detailing (Magnus Pro Singapore)I have been a loyal customer of GK Detailing (Magnus Pro Singapore) for three incredible years, and my experience with them has only improved with time. Here's why I continue to entrust them with my cars:My journey with GK Detailing began with my first car, and it was on this initial visit that I realized their exceptional attention to detail and impeccable workmanship. While I had previously opted for ceramic coating elsewhere, my visit to GK Detailing for interior PPF was a game-changer. Their meticulous approach caught my eye, and I knew I had found something special.With my second car, I didn't hesitate to send it straight to GK Detailing for diamond coating and interior PPF. The results were nothing short of extraordinary. The level of care and precision they put into their work is unmatched.This year, I went all in and opt for a full car PPF.What sets GK Detailing apart from the competition are the key differentiating factors that have consistently impressed me:1. **Attention to Detail:** GK Detailing's commitment to perfection is evident in every service they provide. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that your car receives the best treatment possible.2. **Clear Communication:** Before, during, and after each service, GK Detailing provides a clear and comprehensive briefing on what to expect. This transparency instills confidence in their services, and you always know exactly what you're getting.3. **Quality Over Quantity:** Unlike other detailers or PPF installers who cram as many cars as possible into their schedule, GK Detailing prioritizes quality and maintains a strict booking policy. This means they only take in as many cars as they can handle without compromising on their high standards. While this may require some patience, the end result is always worth it.Over the three years, I've witnessed firsthand that GK Detailing delivers on their promises. Their coatings and PPF installations have consistently performed as expected, providing my cars with the protection and aesthetics I desire.In conclusion, GK Detailing (Magnus Pro Singapore) has not only earned my trust but also my loyalty. Their unwavering dedication to excellence, transparent communication, and commitment to maintaining high standards make them the top choice for anyone seeking top-tier detailing and PPF services. I eagerly anticipate many more years of outstanding service and stunning results from this exceptional team - Pom, Owner of Mercedes Benz C180 SNA17--S
Highly recommended - straightforward, excellent work, great price
Posted on 08-Jul-2023
Overall Rating:
Goh is the guy to go to for your car detailing. You can tell he got the customer at heart. He is more responsive than any other shops I had asked for PPF or ceramic coating, and will share examples and explain what you will get for the budget you have. Honest and well worth every single dollar spent (and more). I will be going back everytime.
Highly recommended! Honest and skilled
Posted on 07-Jan-2023
Overall Rating:
Goh was a wonderful person to deal with, honest and skilledHighly recommended - Jenny Penny
Great job installing PPF and ceramic window protection
Posted on 28-Dec-2022
Overall Rating:
Mr Goh is professional and service oriented. Great job installing PPF and ceramic window protection. - Ling Siow Chang
Highly recommended to visit this detailer!
Posted on 20-Dec-2022
Overall Rating:
GK detailing provides very good service and advices. I had done PPF for the front of my car and after doing PPF few days later my car got scratched at the door, GK had asked me to go back and helped me to fix those scratches.Friendly boss whom is willing to help you in everything you need, even after sales service.Highly recommended to visit this detailer! - starlightz
Good services and valued for money product
Posted on 11-Dec-2022
Overall Rating:
Nice boss whom give expert and realistic advices. Good services and the product is valued for money, will recommend anyone that wants to do PPF here. - Low Shifeng, Owner of Lexus IS300 SKN80--S
Exemplary workmanship and true detailing
Posted on 24-Oct-2022
Overall Rating:
Goh is a very friendly and honest owner of GK Detailing, took his time to explain the process and what differentiates them from other detailers. Went for prestige and took up the recommended PPF for extra protection at vulnerable areas. The whole process took a long time but what you get in return is exemplary workmanship and true detailing. - Nicholas Ho
Excellent Workmanship and Service
Posted on 25-Sep-2022
Overall Rating:
I did a full PPF and solar film for my Tesla immediately after collection. Goh and his team were very detailed and thorough in working on my vehicle. He also explained patiently to me the various parts of the car which were expected to be challenging in the installation process but nevertheless, the final finished vehicle was well above my expectations. Looked great! Will definitely come back again. Jeff, Owner of Tesla Model Y
Very detailed, honest, down to earth and humble
Posted on 28-Aug-2022
Overall Rating:
Service Done:- Nanonix Diamond Coating- PPF (Headlights, B Pillars, Infotainment Screens, Centre Console)2nd time full detailing with them and will always get back to them for many many years to come.The entire team led by Mr Goh are very detailed, honest, down to earth and humble.Key differentiators:- You have to book in advance, this shop doesn't do volume. They work on fix number of cars per slot so you know that your car is well treated and not rushed. - Very experienced trained eyes - they will honestly point out to you everything that they have observe and they will honestly tell you what can and cannot be done- Shop is well maintained, clean and well equipped, they have two separate area so work on each side can be done without affecting other - Pom, Owner of Mercedes-Benz C180 SNA17--S
Very meticulous detailer and knows his job well
Posted on 01-Jun-2022
Overall Rating:
Very meticulous detailer and knows his job well. Mirror finish after coating with Japan quality ceramic. - Hyper Star
Straight forward, no sugar coating, no fancy sales talk
Posted on 29-Jan-2022
Overall Rating:
Took the leap of faith to engage Mr Goh and team to do diamond coat based on google reviews only. Contacted Mr Goh on 25th Jan 2022 to enquire about packages and availability. Initially will have to wait till mid feb, but Mr Goh managed to arrange his team to do it the same day i collect my car on 29th Jan. Handed over the car at 12 noon, and tasked completed at 5.30pm. Mr Goh is a straight forward guy, no sugar coating, no fancy sales talk. Will continue to provide further updates to this review on future cycles. So far so good. - James Ong
Dedicated and Professional
Posted on 26-Nov-2021
Overall Rating:
Choose them if you want a team dedicated to coating your car! Mr Goh provides not only sound advice but also impeccable service. Four months on and the diamond coating remains flawless - Hydrophobic and easy to wash.
Service was excellent
Posted on 17-Nov-2021
Overall Rating:
A pro and service was excellent. No pressure and a thorough explanation of things. The coating was brilliant and it is like owning a new car. Staff even took the initiative to replace the handle cover that had gone missing. This is the kind of commitment and service you can expect. Even explained to me on the caring method. Will definitely come back for maintenance - Desmond Khoo, Owner of BMW X3 SFK7--U
Will come back next year!
Posted on 01-Oct-2021
Overall Rating:
Thanks Goh and Evan for do a great job on the coating. They are both very friendly and guide me along on what to do to ensure the paint in tip top condition. Looking forward to meet both of them next year for the maintenance. 🙂 - Loo Say Phoon, Owner of Toyota Noah Hybrid SNB98--R
Great experience with them 🙂
Posted on 18-Sep-2021
Overall Rating:
Goh is extremely knowledgeable and responsible. I did PPF and window tinting with GK Detailing and Goh took the trouble to explain the solution as well as its pro and con. Everything is so transparent, which makes me really comfortable handing over my new Tesla to them. No one can assure perfection. As long as the best is being put in to produce as perfect an end result as possible, i believe that’s what all consumer is looking for. That’s what I experienced with GK Detailing. - Andy Tan, Owner of Tesla Model 3 SMP3--H
Excellent service provided
Posted on 31-Aug-2021
Overall Rating:
Excellent service provided by Goh and his team. He took the time to explain the service and there was no hard selling of anything. Quality of work is flawless. Very pleasant service as well. Highly highly recommend. - Shahim Zubair, Owner of Mazda 3 SNB44--X
Excellent workmanship
Posted on 07-Aug-2021
Overall Rating:
Never doubt their service and quality of work after 2 yrs of following them.. keep it up! - Michael Ong, Owner of Kia Cerato SML84--Y
Nanonix C7 coating
Posted on 06-Aug-2021
Overall Rating:
First time doing a ceramic coating for our new Skoda Octavia 2021. Goh spent the time to explain the details of the process, time it took (approx 5 to 6hours) for a full coat including windows and interior vacuum.He even showed me some scratches from previous polishing that was done that I couldn't even notice myself, and it looked properly glossy in the end. He shared care instructions with me clearly too.Would definitely return, thanks Goh and team!