The Definition of Real Black: MAGNUS PRO Black paint protection film goes through a sophisticated pigmentation process combining the black pigments into the TPU’s molecular structure to achieve a super glossy black aliphatic polyurethane film.

Hyper Gloss Black: The revolutionary coloured paint protection film offers the extreme clarity that eliminates the orange peel texture that we have often seen in Vinyl. In addition, the MAGNUS PRO BLACK paint protection film also features self-healing properties and a superhydrophobic effect for easy maintenance.



Magnus Pro removes the need for any special care or polish. A regular weekly wash with a PH balanced shampoo is sufficient to maintain its sheen and beauty.

Once the film is installed, it will last permanently and is backed with a warranty of up to 6 years.

Can I apply glass/ceramic coatings on top of the Magnus Pro paint protection film? Save your money for other things. Magnus Pro paint protection film incorporates layers of advanced top coating with superhydrophobic properties, so you don't need any additional coatings.

Definitely! Magnus Pro paint protection film features a thickness of 215 microns which translates to 400% more protection against impacts from stone chips.

Magnus Pro is a fully clear/transparent protection film with a thickness of 215 microns that's installed over the car's paintwork. It features all the coating benefits but provides extra protection, ease of maintenance, and self-healing against stone chips and scratches.

Magnus Pro Paint Protection film utilizes an advanced covalent bond technology with 'auto recovery'. This means that the film heals itself from swirls/fine scratches, cuts, etc., with the aid of heat elements (based on MAGNUS PRO Optimum, our top range product).

Absolutely not! The Magnus Pro paint protection film features exceptional clarity and a superior sharp reflective high gloss that exceeds any other market product.

If your paintwork is a matte finish, we recommend Magnus Pro-Matte Paint Protection Film as the best solution to protect the original factory matte paint while retaining its subtle textures and finish.

A high-grade paint protection film will add extra gloss to the original paintwork without giving it an 'orange peel' texture. Ideally, it should also feature high clarity, self-healing against swirls/fine scratches, and be embedded with a hydrophobic coating for easy maintenance.

Guess what? Magnus Pro paint protection film has all of that!